Discussions of a Cab Driver

alot of the times , getting into a Airport transportation CAB is like sitting on an airplane, you tell the cab driver your life story or he tells you his…………in MY CAB, I like to talk Skiing, Wacky Boulder Trends/stories, or VOIP and Technology!! The world is changing when a former Nuke Engineer NOW drives a Cab! One of my freinds is an EX CHASE Bank vp……….Why do we drive a Airport transportation Cab??????
Answer::: Freedom and NO BOSS!

My Bet on Technology right now is OmniVision………why OVTI???? The up and coming trend is going to be to put a Video Camera Chip into every laptop by 2007 and OmniVision will embrace this new market just like they have done with the Cell Phone Camera Chip of which OMNIVISION is the leader in gross margins and pricing and Market penetration! Intel with the Mobile Centrino will push for WiMax and 3G on the go Video Conferencing ……….with Rising Gasoline prices, ALOT of business will be done in 2007 with Video Conferencing from your laptop on the Go or in your office!

Back in the day of the Internet Breaking apart with WCOM, Enron, Global Crossing, MCI, etc etc……..there was talk of CONVERGEANCE and having video 3G but the bandwidth never made it to the consumer so 3G and Wireless WiMax and all the other Bells and Whistles were stopped dead in their tracks with the Dot.Com.Bomb Explosion!

Today starts a new world order of Bandwidth everywhere and Wifi and WiMax rolling out and 3G becoming Reality………..when you have ubiqutous Bandwidth everywhere to the POPULATED AREAS, people are going to start to demand that their LAPTOPS be equipped with a CAMERA PHONE so they can do VIDEO conferencing on the fly at their local Starbucks or local free internet Coffee cafe……….

its going to happen……..the first CAMERA LAPTOPS are coming out this XMAS Season and by 2006, end of 2007 will almost be like CAMERA CELL PHONES——everyone of them will have a camera for VIDEO CONFERENCING!

SKYPE has changed the world, video conferencing is going FREE……..


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