The Birds of Capistrano CU return

just like the timing of the Birds of Capistrano or the Butterflies of Grover City California, the CU STUDENTS come back to CU and Boulder and the town changes OVERNIGHT!!! CU and Boulder Police were double duty and were VERY VISIBLE and tonight is the first weekend night for CU so the “”STUPID CHOAD IDIOTS ” of CU come out tonight all liquored UP and Away from Mommy and doing STUPID THINGS…………anything can an will happen tonight and Saturday!!!!! Had a Great ride to Denver last night …….DUI is nothing to overlook in this town………….some folks learn the hard way! CALL A CAB and do NOT get a DUI Ticket—–its like a Bad Sexual Disease, it dont go away and stays WITH YOU FOR LIFE!

Drive Safely and be SMART out there CU students! NO OPEN CONTAINERS of Alcohol!!! Its SO easy to stay OUT of trouble here in Boulder, Call ME and let ME take you around town and in Style!


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